Bhawna Khushlani

In conversation with beautician Bhawna Khushlani

Introduction: Bhawna Khushlani is a talented Beauty Therapist based in Kota and popular among the artists in the field of beauty and glamour.

She owns a salon named ‘Maxx Salon by Bhawna’. Her interest prompted in the areas like ‘hairstyling’ and ‘makeup’ at a very young age when she used to accompany her mother in her salon. Her specialty includes her flexibility with the customers i.e.

she can accommodate and incorporate the perfect work what her customers desire. When we talk about her nature, what we came to know is she is very friendly and an easy-to-deal-with person.

She is your beautician lady who brings out the best in every client she deals with through her artistic work and nature.

An Interesting conversation with Bhawna.

Tell me about yourself and your interesting journey……??

My name is Bhawna Khushlani. I am a creative person, artistic in nature and love to experiment. I am having a keen interest in makeover since my childhood. Initially, me and my mom started our work with a small room.

With my mother’s support and my dedication towards becoming a known personality in this industry, I was able to open my own grand salon named ‘MAXX’.

What has been your greatest achievements to date…??

My greatest achievements include learning different professional techniques of styling from celebrity makeup artist Rohit Singh and hair stylist Kanta Motwani.

Are herbal products are good for skin….??

A big ‘yes’ from gorgeous Bhawna. The herbal product is good for normal and acne prone skin too, she added.

Tell our readers about nail care….??

Bhawna replied, “ladies if you are trying to grow your natural nails, make them strong and more shiner but if you are afraid of breaking and chipping, so follow the below steps:

  • One cup of flex seeds (whole not ground part).
  • Add 3 cups of water, boiled it and mix gently when the water turns to a goofy gel.
  • Strain it so the seeds separated from the gel.
  • Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the gel.
  • Give it a good mix and make it cool.
  • Apply this gel to your nails every night. let it dry/ absorb.
  • Don’t wash off.

How women should take care of their skin and hair on a daily basis …..??

SKIN: Women who are having oily and acne prone skin, they should use tea tree gel overnight on their skin after face wash and for those who have dry or normal skin, vitamin C moisturizers are best.
HAIR: Ginger wash is the best home remedy to control hair fall. After using ginger juice on your hair scalp, you can use any protein shampoo for hair wash.
You will get excellent results after doing this.

Latest trends in makeup and hair nourishment….??

Nowadays ‘smoky eye look and nude lip shade’ are trending in hot and fabulous looks.
For hair nourishment: Hot oil massage is preferable and after hair wash, one must use professional hair serum to make their hair more shiny and tangle-free as well.

Beauty or daily routine makeup tips from bhawna for our special readers.

  • Use a couple of drops from Meteorites Baby Glow BB Cream and apply it gently on your skin corners.
  • Add some blush on your cheeks.
  • Use natural brow pencil for shaping your brows with a tint of natural mascara on your pretty lashes.
  • Put some peach lip gloss on your rossy lips and get the best summerish look.