Auidences hubDOCTOR CHARU CHOPRA- A prominent and well-known certified Homeopathic doctor. She is a presenter, NLP coach, Access bars facilitator & a consultant.

She works with several organizations as well as with individuals & educational institutes too.

Despite the difficulties, in making her own way she has shaped the face of healing. Compassionate Doctor and healer said I combined mind, body, soul and now more of energy work which I do with people.

A Interesting interview session with Doctor.

Question:Tell my readers about your journey….??

Answer:Myself Md. homeopath Doctor Charu. I was born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I did my schooling from Saint Xaviers. I am practicing homeopathy from last 10 years in different cities.

I had a dream to be a doctor since my childhood but as like a sick and emotional kid, I heard lots of time I would never be a doctor.

Although I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to get all wishes to come true ur but it is worth a try. So to prove myself I came to this profession.

Question:What is NLP….??

Answer:NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology, Linguistic refers to a language whereas programming refers to how that neural language functions.

NLP is the science of excellence where you understand the language of your subconscious mind. Auidences hub

Question:Tell us some NLP techniques you frequently used to treat your clients ….??

Answer:There are a vast number of techniques available but I usually work with Dissociation and Association techniques where we get over with past memories which are not contributing in our life and emphasize those memories of past which have been very joyful and contributing, but we don’t remember them as they are almost erased.

Question:What is Access Bars and what does bars session do?

Answer:It is a kind of gentle touch where you work with the energies of your body. Access bar is not the message at all. Access bars is a process in which it rewires your brain. There are new synapses are formed in the brain.

So, its transmitting good hormones which reduce your stress level, anxiety level & depression in just 90 minutes of the session.

Question:Is access bar and NLP is useful in chronic condition….??

Answer:Yes, of course, it works tremendously. Through Access Bars and NLP techniques, I have observed marvelous results in patients.

Question:What is the story behind THE HEALING CAFE…??

Answer:I was going through so many messes in my life I was trying to heal myself. Healing cafe is the place where you can heal yourself from each and every aspect of life.

Healing cafe where you get all types of healing, for example, you get all types of coffee in the cafe. So you will get NLP, Access bars, Dissociation and Association techniques and many more.

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Question:Who has inspired you in your life ….??

Answer:My father has always been a motivation and inspiration piller with lots of positivism to me. He has never let me down and shared a vision from nothing to everything. Each trait of mine is all his contribution. I learned to face my terrible situations in life with a thought that he is there for me to support. He is my real leader.

Question:What do you do in your leisure time….??

Answer:Well, I like to explore and learn new things, love to spend most of the time with my darling niece Bhanvi. I am also a sucker for reading and keen to learn more techniques to enhance skills for serving and helping people to lead them better lives.
An evening out with my friends and family for coffee or dinner also lures me most of the time.

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