Richa Gaur

In conversation with the very courageous and immensely confident Indian sports prodigy Richa Gaur who is also known as “Muay Thai Queen of India”

Auidences hubRicha Gaur is a name that resonates patience and passion. She is an icon of inspiration for many. She did not only challenge the orthodox mentality of society but also became successful in imprinting the message of struggle.

She is the first person to be honored and felicitated as one of “Top 100 Women Achievers of India” by the former President of India and Union Minister Maneka Gandhi in the field of women empowerment.

She is the first player from Rajasthan to win National Muay Thai Gold Medal & Bronze Medal in Pre-amateur World Muay Thai Championship. She is the master in different styles of Martial Arts and has been rewarded with various awards and medals for the same.

Additionally, she also organizes self-defense workshops across India. Recently she directed an action sequence and She is also a motivational speaker who advocates women empowerment.acted in a Bollywood movie ‘PARKING’.

Interview session with this energetic sports personality.

Question: Richa, how has your life’s journey been?Audiences Hub

Answer: In the young age when parents and teachers advise children to focus on learning, reading and studying more, it took me a lot of courage to chase the dreams that were close to my heart. I used to spend most of my time in the sports field playing basketball, taekwondo or cricket with my classmates.

Since childhood, I had always dreamt of becoming a Martial Arts player, which kept me up late at night. I started practicing Martial Arts and Taekwondo when I was 6 years old. I was disheartened a lot by being bullied in school and by the disapproval from my parents regarding martial arts.

However, when I won my first gold medal in an inter-school competition, I was motivated to carry on my sport. Earlier it was difficult for me to step out of my house for training because of safety concerns. To pursue my goals, I started dressing up as boys.

I had my hairstyle similar to boys so that I could get permission from my parents to leave home for practice. The people outside would not recognize me as a girl. I was born and brought up in a middles class Indian family where money was not a luxury for me.

Learning various processes and furnishing new skills was not easy at all. As martial arts player, I needed a good diet all the time along with good quality equipment and technical training which were not affordable in my starting days. So, I faced a shortage of funds. At that time, my father helped me through his provident fund.

My father is my biggest hero. My success did not merely happen overnight but is a byproduct of years of hard work, countless efforts, determination and patience over a long duration of time.

Question: What do you do in your leisure time when you are not practicing or coaching?

Answer: I get very little leisure time, and even at that time I constantly dream to win more medals for my country INDIA. I also like to spend time with my family and friends. I do make it a point to catch up on my sleep in my off days (smiles). I love to play with my pet dog. Occasionally, I’d go and check out the latest Shahrukh Khan movies because I am his diehard fan. For me, driving and listening to music act as a stress reliever.

Question: Who are your role models?

Answer: My biggest inspirations are legendary athletes Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal.

Question: What do you prefer being called – self-defense trainer or martial arts player?Audiences Hub

Answer: I would prefer being called both because for me self defense coaching is like meditation and a way of life; whereas practicing & playing martial arts is my need.

Question: What is your winning mantra?

Answer: My winning mantra is hard work and I believe that there is no alternative to it. This mantra is applicable not just in sports, but in all facets of life.

Question: What’s your opinion on the future of Indian Martial Arts?

Answer: The future of martial arts in our country is very bright. Our country has an amazing pool of talent. More and more youngsters are adopting it, not only as a hobby but also as a career option. Martial art is a booming sports field and definitely has a promising future in India. Modern martial art and mixed martial art is also being adopted by players because it includes a variety of workout forms. Bollywood movies also play a crucial role in enhancing the different forms of martial arts.

Question: Your message for young blood?

Answer: A special message for youngsters – Selection of positive environment is necessary. Everyone has dreams. Give your 100 percent energy and smart efforts to chase your targets with patience, persistence, and passion. I plead young blood to go ahead and chase your dreams. “If you have a fire, nobody can stop you. So LAGE RAHO.”


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