Sonakshi Vashishtha

In conversation with renowned social activist and General Secretary and Spokesperson for Mahila Congress – Sonakshi Vashishtha

Audiences HubSonakshi Vashishtha was born and bred in Jaipur, Rajasthan and holds a graduate degree in Humanities from ICG. Her life has been greatly inspired by her father.

She is the Founder of an NGO – Annapurna Seva Sansthan and an event company – Adobe Events & Promotions Pvt. Ltd. Multi-talented Sonakshi has always taken a keen interest in public services since she was very young. She began her political career in the year 2011.

Sonakshi has also made wholehearted contributions to many social causes. Sonakshi strongly believes that everything should be ni, e in our country.

Annapurna Seva Sansthan is dedicated towards the holistic development of women in every field including education, sanitation, skill development, health awareness, and employment etc.

Through her NGO, Sonakshi and her team volunteer, organize camps and workshops and also teach and spend time with Anganwadi women. The organization has accomplished many great achievements since foundation. Till now her organization has helped and trained over 650 women.

Rapid-fire Interview with Sonakshi Vashishtha

Question: How would you define yourself as a person?Audiences Hub
Answer: A dynamic and genuine person.

Question: A principle in life you will never forget?
Answer: Keep working hard.

Question: When did you form your Club Shakti?
Answer:In February 2018.

Question: What qualities make you a good leader?
Answer:Good leadership skills and convincing power.

Question: What does your career look like in the coming five years?
Answer:Pretty damn good.

Question: The three qualities that helped you reach your current position?
Answer:Dedication, passion and curiosity towards work.

Question: Are you a good follower?
Answer:To be a good leader, at times you must be a good follower.

Question: If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?
Answer:My father.

Question: According to you, what values should parents give to their children?
Answer:Inculcate good behavior, make them polite and responsible towards the nation.

Question: What social stigma does society need to get over?
Answer:Women are often underestimated in the society so I want to change this thought process and gender pay gap needs to reduce as well.

Question: Who has insired you in your life?
Answer:A populist leader and iconic iron lady the Indira Gandhi.

Question: Your message for young blood?
Answer:Be humble, respect your parents, try to be a change maker. Try to put in little effort to return back to society and the nation.


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